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Introducing CAKKO a toys and accessories brand for kids, all made from nature-friendly stuff.

We really love nature, so our toys are like little friends for the planet. We also think a lot about how things look and work, just like when grown-ups design stuff. That’s what makes us special!


Inundated by plastic baby toys, parents fret over safety and eco-impact. Finding quality, sustainable options becomes an arduous task, leaving them yearning for a brand that understands their values.


Cakko steps in as a game-changer, presenting an array of organic, eco-friendly baby toys. Crafted meticulously with safe materials, these toys kindle curiosity, creativity, and learning, all while being gentle on the planet. A minimalist logo and a blend of serene and vibrant colors encapsulate the essence of Cakko’s commitment to merging nature and playfulness.


Cakko isn’t just a brand; it’s a paradigm shift in baby toys. We meld the best of both worlds to foster developmental growth and a genuine bond with the environment. Our branding showcases simplicity with purpose, an understated yet striking presence that resonates deeply.

Play with Purpose - Cakko's Natural Baby Toys:

Cakko is more than a brand; it’s a philosophy that embraces the innate curiosity of babies and the tranquility of nature. Our toys are crafted with love, using only natural, non-toxic materials that ensure a safe and enriching playtime experience. The neutral and playful colors of our collection evoke a sense of calm and joy, stimulating sensory exploration and cognitive growth. From soft textures to delightful shapes, each Cakko toy is an invitation for your baby to explore, learn, and create unforgettable moments. Join us in raising a generation that cherishes the beauty of nature through every touch, feel, and smile.

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