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A logo design for NU Clinic a skin and health speciality clinic

Introducing NU Clinic’s iconic logo, fusing modern aesthetics with a serene skin cell motif, echoing expertise and trust in skin and health enhancement. The design’s precision and calming blue tones epitomize NU Clinic’s proficiency, mirroring its transformative approach.

The typography exudes a modern yet friendly vibe, with a sleek font spelling “NU Clinic.” This choice conveys the clinic’s modern approach to skin and health, while maintaining an accessible appeal. Overall, NU Clinic’s logo encapsulates its dedication to fostering well-being, encapsulating its mission to provide top-notch, personalized care for a healthier and more confident you.

Symbolism of Light Blue

The use of light blue in the NU Clinic brand encapsulates a sense of tranquility and trust, fostering a calm and reassuring atmosphere for clients seeking specialized skin and health care. This color choice also symbolizes professionalism and integrity, establishing NU Clinic as a reliable and credible authority in its field, while its association with open communication aligns with the clinic’s commitment to transparent, personalized care, fostering a genuine and lasting connection with its clientele.


NU Clinic, a rapidly growing skin and health specialty clinic, was facing challenges in establishing a distinctive brand identity that resonated with its values and captured its advanced medical expertise. The existing branding lacked cohesion and failed to convey the clinic’s commitment to holistic care and innovative treatments. This inconsistency hindered brand recognition and left potential clients uncertain about the clinic’s unique offerings.


We initiated a comprehensive rebranding for NU Clinic, crafting a modern identity around a serene, stylized NU logo in calming light blue tones. Thoughtful leaf patternĀ  the ideal balance between professionalism and approachability, extending across a redesigned website and cohesive marketing materials.


NU Clinic’s rebranding journey unifies its identity, conveying tranquility, trust, and expertise. The new visual identity, including logo, colors, and typography, enhances recognition and aligns with values of holistic care and transparency. This rebrand positions NU Clinic as a premier destination for personalized skin and health care, fostering a strong client connection in a competitive landscape.

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